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Maps, data, and services on the appliance

You can view a table that gives an overview of the data, maps, and services on the appliance by clicking here.

Content management tools

In addition to the ESRI applications that come on the appliance (for complete listing see the rack-mount specifications or the tower unit), the appliance comes with Content Management tools.

The Content Management tools are a collection of tools that turn your data management tasks into a few clicks. The main tool in the collection is the Content Management Console. The other tools determine the currency of the data and manage disk space, all behind the scenes.

Data management automation

A good example of how the Controller automates data management tasks is during a data update. When you receive an NGA data update, the Controller simplifies the update process. Instead of loading the data yourself--identifying duplicate and old data and dealing with its safe removal--you can now let the Controller do it for you. All you have to do is add a new job in the Controller. The Controller will ensure that only the latest data available is on the server. In addition, the Controller handles interruptions during the load process--for example, an interruption caused by a power outage or network outage--so that you never have to start the load from scratch.

Supported client applications

The CGA supports many client applications, including:

What are the different ways client applications can access data on the appliance?

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