CGA Frequently Asked Questions

The CJMTK Geospatial Appliance (CGA) by Northrop Grumman is a true appliance: an integrated bundle of software, hardware, and data engineered to efficiently perform specific functions for a well-defined purpose. Simply stated, the CGA provides operational simplicity at a lower cost. The logistics of creating and maintaining application-ready data with world wide coverage is expensive, time- consuming and requires specialized expertise. The CGA offers a high-quality solution at a lower cost (for both initial implementation and maintenance) by using standardized processes and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products. The CGA addresses initial data population, maintenance, security accreditation, and hardware configuration issues that are associated with building such an implementation. Access to geospatial data is optimized through a set of innovative tools that are transparent to the user. Data management and system administration are built into a service plan that includes updates of CGA software and data, including hardware upgrades in a secure environment.

Two hardware configurations are available:

  1. A CGA Rack Mount Server Unit
  2. A CGA Tower Server Unit

Windows Server 2008 64-bit O/S, ESRI ArcGIS Server (version 10.1); Data administration tools; Content Management tools (for Automatic Updating); and Application Services (WMS v1.3, KML v2.0, SOAP, REST, Mapping, Gazetteer Place Finding)

The NGA unclassified data holdings for RPF, VPF, and DTED with the addition of general worldwide data coverage (ESRI ArcGIS Data and Maps, NaturalVue and NASA Blue Marble) and NGA Geonames (includes USGS Geographic Names content). Groups within the Depardment of Defense(DoD) and Intelligence Community that have access to NGA Limited Distribution (LIMDIS) data will be eligible to receive the NGA data preloaded option at no additional cost.

The NGA Data on CGA is classified as Limited Distribution by DOD Information Security Program in compliance, with and in implementation of Executive Order 12356, "National Security Information," Information Security Oversight Directive No. 1. National Security Information" (32 CFR Part 2001). All recipients and users of CGA must therefore be screened, pre-qualified and adhere to security regulations.

The CGA Base Unit configuration (without NGA data pre-loaded), is commercially available without any restrictions.*
The initial purchase includes a one year service plan for data and software updates, Help Desk support, and a hardware warranty. An optional CGA Service Plan can be purchased to cover your system after the initial year.
The CGA Service Plan includes data updates three times a year, any software updates, and a hardware replacement plan, if the Service Plan is continually maintained for three years. The customer retains the existing hardware, and all licenses and support transfer to the new hardware.
Model year refers to the CGA Unit hardware, which is updated and released on a regular basis. Software builds are independent of Model year release. Software builds are released only when additional capabilities have been added to the CGA software baseline. Please note that the Model year will determine the price of the optional Service Plan.
Data will be distributed every four months (three times a year) in March, July, and November, as updates are made available from NGA.
Yes, by several customers. For more information about accreditation of the CGA, please contact
There are four different methods for accessing data on the CGA:
  • File sharing (to support applications such as FalconView)
  • Geodatabase Access (to support CJMTK Mission Applications and other clients using ESRI ArcGIS Products)
  • Web Services (to support WMS v1.3 – OGC Standard, KML v2.0 or SOAP – ESRI Map Services)
If you client software supports one of the above methods, yes, he CGA will work for you. To validate our client's interoperability with CGA, you may want to participate in the CGA Certified Client Program.
CGA Certified Client Program has been created to provide CGA customers with the assurance that a client application can access the CGA data. Each CGA Certified Client has undergone a series of standardized tests conducted by the CGA team.
There are two ways to get help:
  1. On-line documentation
  2. Help Desk support available Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm (EST). Please contact
For current pricing and order forms, please refer to the CGA web site order process.
Please visit the CGA web site for additional product information.
*The CGA Base Unit is subject to the export jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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